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4 Ways to Trend Up Your Wardrobe

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4 Ways to Trend Up Your Wardrobe

Hey girl, I see you.

Sometimes as you get older you feel like your 24-year-old self is stuck in someone else's body. Especially after kids, jobs, aging and the stresses of life.   

Have you ever had the thought… “Man, I used to have the ability to put together a stylish outfit and now I'm just not sure!”

Here are five tips that span across all ages that will give your wardrobe the small kick of flare you've been longing for!

1. Step up your shoe game. 

If you're going to splurge on any part of your outfit, focus on your shoes! Splurge on the genuine leather shoes, the nice fashionable sneakers or the haircalf dress shoes. This shows everyone you take pride in yourself as a person inside and out! Chances are people will take notice of the accessories and accents of your outfit first, like your shoes.

2. Select one bold statement jewelry piece. 

Whether it's a pair of statement earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet, the perfect piece will take your staple white blouse and jeans to the next level! There are so many fun trends this summer for unique jewelry pieces. You can read our blog post on 4 summer jewelry must-haves to help guide you!

3. Mix prints!

Yes, ma’am, I said it! Mix your prints! Pick a subdued neutral color print, for example, a neutral stripe and mix with your favorite loud floral print! You can try to tie some of the color schemes together…but I am going to challenge you to NOT try and match the two pieces!  I know I know, this goes against everything we have been taught by the awesome women that have gone before us. This shows people you aren’t afraid to be a little daring and that you have the confidence to do so!

4. Bright lipstick color. 

Many of you, myself included usually default to neutral lip color for our everyday makeup choice.  Truth is, it is the SAFE choice and we feel as though that neutral will go with everything, BUT By choosing a bright red, bright pink, salmon, coral or poppy, depending on your skin tone will actually really highlight and compliment your facial features and really make your eyes pop. Just like mixing prints, using a bright lip color is more edging and really shows your confidence as a woman to the world!

There you have it! These steps will take you from timid to trendy in no time. If you're not sure how to make these tips work for you, stop in the store and we'll figure it out together!

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