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Indie Blue Light Readers


WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT THESE READERS:    The Indie Eco-Process Blue Light Reader will keep eye strain and fatigue at bay with premium blue light filtering lenses. These Blue Planet Blue Light Filtering Glasses are available in standard reading strengths 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50 & 3.00, including no correction, The Indie Blue Light Glasses. The lenses are built with Blue Light protective technology to prevent eye strain and other harmful effects from the light emitted by digital screens by filtering 40% or more blue light rays emitted by digital devices. 



  •  Lens Width (mm): 47
  •  Bridge Width (mm): 16
  •  Temple Length (mm): 132
  •  Material: Hand polished ultra-lightweight eco-friendly frames are made with   Eco-Process which reuses 60-75% recycled & reprocessed content that would   otherwise end up in landfills or our oceans.